Who is The GMO Squad?

A genetically modified Cow, Chicken, and Pig have
escaped the huge industrial super-farm and now they’re fighting back to free all the food!


They’re genetically modified! These animals discovered they have exciting superpowers to fight evil with!

Boobie the Cow has udder blasters to shoot a supercharged stream of milk on foes.

Chicken the Chicken can unlseash kinetic energy to blast through walls.

Gus the Pig’s can inflate his massive mid-section and float away…

Together they set out to stop the Monstrosso Family Farm Inc’s, robotic army from devastating the countryside and wreaking havoc upon the poor farm animals imprisoned there.

With these newfound powers, our trio takes on the evil Monstrosso Family Farm Inc, and it’s diabolical CEO, Mr. Green. Mr. Green’s mission is to strangle every last bit of profit out of the Monstrosso Family Farm, and he has an army of robotic farm hands to do his bidding. Not only do these devious robots till the densely planted countryside, they also act as Mr. Green’s personal “Profit Protection Force” to make sure no plant or animal gets away from being turned into cold hard cash!