She’s a straight shooting know it all. Problem is she often gets her facts mis-stated. She loves using these “alternative facts” to get the crew into all types of situations. The cow’s ID # is 800813, branded in a digital pattern on her rear end. It reads like “Boobie”, so that’s what people call her. Boobie has an embarrassing super power. She can aim her udders and fire a supercharged stream of milk at anything that gets in her way.


Chicken’s quick to lose her temper but has no backbone to back up her giant temper tantrums. She’s the voracious go-getter of the group, often taking Boobie’s random facts and proving and/ or disproving them. When Chicken gets agitated she starts to shake, and this kinetic energy becomes her superpower. She shakes so much the vibrations cause anything she touches to become unstable and fall apart.


Quick witted and sarcastic, Gus is the unlikely voice of reason. Gus always has a one liner ready to go, like when Chicken is constantly falling all over herself while on the move, “c’mon let’s get trippin, Chicken!”. He’s very critical of Boobie’s random facts or Chicken’s zealousness to prove them. Gus used to be a house pig and was loved and cared for and treated with cozy slippers. While being a house pig he developed a real love of human food. His favorite- Bacon! He just loves bacon. And don’t try to tell him where it’s from- he doesn’t care. When he’s really annoyed, Gus’s stomach expands until he turns into a giant ball that can be bounced, rolled, or thrown at things. He can float if he needs to, and this often helps him get Boobie and Chicken out of predicaments.

Mr. Green

Arrogant CEO of Monstrosso Family Farms. With a degree in horticultural accounting, this guy is more of a business analyst- and he dresses so. Mr. Green’s personality is so abrasive and profit driven that he doesn’t have friends or cohorts. He runs his farm with minimal cost, which means no human employees. He instead has an army of robotic farm hands that do his bidding. Mr. Green would best be described as a mix between Ebenezer Scrooge and Mr. Burns from “The Simpsons”.